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83% of members reported reduced loneliness in co-working spaces.

89% find increased happiness after becoming co-working space members.

69% of members acquire new skills within co-working environments.

Up to 40% in operational cost savings are achievable through resource augmentation services.

47% of businesses opt for IT consulting to cut expenses, 57% prioritize operational aspects.

Branding is identified by 77% of marketing leaders as pivotal to business growth.


Their IT services are top-notch! They kept our systems running smoothly and securely, allowing us to focus on our core business. Their quick response time and expert support make them a valuable partner.

Olivia Martinez

We owe our IT strategy's success to their IT consultancy. Their in-depth insights and tailored recommendations helped us streamline operations and boost productivity. Their expertise is unmatched.

David Johnson

Finding a productive and collaborative workspace through Passion Pursuit was a breeze. The business-centered amenities, from lightning-fast Wi-Fi to ergonomic chairs, made work enjoyable. It's a place that fosters innovation and networking.

Emily Davis